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The FUTE project works to implement more design thinking into the educational curriculum in schools across Europe

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When teachers lack preparation time, students may become unmotivated. This increases the risk of dropout before they reach qualifying youth education.

The FUTE project works to develop a didactic platform for teacher training, and to create tools that help teachers by implementing more design thinking into the educational curriculum in schools across Europe.

We tackle challenges through design methods that increase learning quality, support teachers and help students be more engaged in school work.

With the practical approach to design methods applied by Design School Kolding, FUTE will create an international version of its 6C Model:

Collect – Comprehend – Conceptualize – Create – Collaborate – Communicate.

It will also produce a practial set of method cards that help educators plan and execute their teaching with enhanced participation, engagement and problem solving.


The FUTE project Needs Analysis focuses on the current teaching climate’s strong sides as well as on the areas that teachers and their students identify as ones needing improvement, innovation and change.

The needs analysis was presented in June 2018 and is based on interviews within 10 pilot schools that the project collaborates with in Denmark, UK, Finland, Belgium and France. Based on these interviews with teachers, pupils and teacher students, the conclusion is that we need to take a short list of key competencies, needs and requirements into consideration when adapting the 6C model and the method cards that go with the model.

Here is a list of important learnings from the needs analysis:

  • A simplification of the method cards with less text, more graphic design and a relevant classification for teacher purposes is needed, and which makes it quick for the teachers to identify which method card is relevant for them to use.

  • Creation of examples in the educational field so that it is easier for teachers to relate the method cards to their specific planning and teaching situation.

  • Mediation and support are needed for the teachers to know how to work with the cards, and also for the school managers, so that the cards become an accept preparation and collaboration tool in the individual schools.

  • Creating a roadmap or protocol to follow the model and the method cards, which guides the teachers through concrete co-creation processes with colleagues and/or pupils.

    You can download the needs analysis here.

FUTE Method Cards and the FUTE Process Model
Based on the results from the needs analysis, the FUTE partners have developed a set of method cards that are especially designated to teachers, the teaching situation and collaboration among teachers and pupils.

The cards are divided into 5 overall groups:

Process – Analyse – Ideate – Research – Create

For each group a number of cards are available that the teacher can use to co-create the teaching subject and content with either colleagues or / and pupils, or other stakeholders such as parents or enterprises who can participate to make the teaching more real and problem oriented.

The cards are supported by a process model illustrating the design thinking and design process in the teaching situation, and together with the cards, teachers are thoroughly introduced to how to use the cards and the model in their work as teachers.

The Method Cards and the Process Model are available in the 5 project languages of the FUTE partnership.

The material can be downloaded here: Danish | English | Finnish | French | Dutch

The FUTE Teacher Training Module
The FUTE partnership has developed a teacher training module to support the implementation of the FUTE method cards and FUTE process model.
The teacher training module is developed to give an overall introduction to teachers on how they can work with design thinking, design processes and design challenges in their teaching, in order to engage pupils more and plan a more engaging and problem-oriented teaching.
The material also gives concrete examples on how the cards and the process can be used in traditional teaching subjects like history, mathematics, natural science and social science.
The teacher training module that is available for the moment, is a first draft. Over the next 6 months – from August 2019 to January 2020, the material will be tested together with teachers in the 10 pilot schools that the FUTE partners are working with.
By the end of the project the teacher training module will be updated with even more concrete and “real life” examples from teachers who have actually used the cards and the process model in the classroom and in their teaching. So keep an eye open for changes on this website.

Download the first draft of the Teacher Training Module here:

Danish | English | Finnish | French | Dutch

Further deliverables:
  • Recommendations and Sustainability Document that details the findings and experiences from the information gathering and development process of the FUTE project. This document will provide recommendations for implementing design methodology into primary/secondary teachers’ work. Furthermore, the list of recommendations will contain strategies for sustainable implementation of the project in schools throughout Europe.

  • Dissemination Material to create awareness about the FUTE project and its findings, including activities such as conferences in the FUTE partners’ home countries and a conference in Brussels.


the project Timeline

  • November 2017

    Kick-off FUTE meeting in Kolding, Denmark.
  • January 2018

    Engaged with local schools in DK, UK, FI, BE and FR.
  • March 2018

    First draft of the needs analysis.
  • April 2018

    Second partner meeting in Hasselt, Belgium.
  • October 2018

    First draft of the 6C model and Method Cards for teachers.
  • October 2018

    Third partner meeting in Cardiff, UK.
  • February 2019

    First draft of the Teacher Training Module.
  • Spring 2019

    Fourth partner meeting in France.
  • Apr. 2019 - Jan. 2020

    Test of Method Cards and the Teacher Training Module
  • October 2019

    Fifth partner meeting in Turku, Finland.
  • January 2020

    Final FUTE website.
  • March 2020

    Sixth partner meeting at University College Syd, Denmark.
  • May 2020

    National conferences in Denmark, the UK, Finland Belgium and France.
  • June 2020

    Final partner meeting at South Denmark European Office in Brussels, Belgium.
  • June 2020

    Final European conference.
  • August 2020

    End of the FUTE project.


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