Geographically, UC SYD, University College South Denmark covers Southern Jutland and has more than 6,500 students and 700 members of staff.

UC SYD, University College South Denmark offers a wide range of higher education study programmes and courses at all levels, with an emphasis on first-cycle bachelor degrees in the field of Educational Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Communication Sciences. We have more than 6.000 students, including many international students.

Being a university college means that we aim to provide students with an education that mixes theory with the practical application of what is being taught. Students studying full degrees will often have periods of internships as part of their education, where they are tutored and get first hand experience with applying what they learned in class.

UC SYD also produces research on a wide range of topics and participate in several national and international projects. Apart from doing “traditional” research, our staff also provide services in the form of consultancy within their fields.


The team taking part in FUTE project is:

Per Holst-Hansen, associate professor, cand. mag., Institute for Teacher Education: Per Holst-Hansen (1962) has been a teacher educator at University College South Denmark since 2001. He has studied Sociology of Religion and History at the Universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus and has a long teaching career (in high school, university and university college). His special areas of interest are Religious Education, Citizenship Education, Educational Theory and Didactics.  Per Holst-Hansen is also research coordinator of the Erasmus project RETAIN, a project concerning teacher retention.

Rasmus Henrik Jensen, senior lecturer, Master of Arts (MA) (Education) Rasmus Henrik Jensen (1975) has been a teacher educator at University College South Denmark since 2013. He has a teacher degree from VIA University College in Aarhus and a master’s degree from Aarhus University where he studied sociology and history. He has a long working experience related to teaching especially related to schools, teacher education and museums. His special areas of interest are history didactics, museum didactics, aesthetic- and outdoor teaching.

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