The University of Turku (UTU), Finland´s second largest multidisciplinary university, is an internationally competitive research-led university whose operation is based on high-level research.

The Department of Teacher Education in University of Turku, is an open, innovative and developing organization. The Department provides theory-embedded, discipline-based education of high quality with the ultimate goal of educating future teachers whose personal educational philosophy consists of a solid theoretical foundation, rigorous expertise, resourcefulness and critical reflection skills necessary for continued success and development in the teaching profession and in the teaching community.

The Department of Teacher Education offers both undergraduate and graduate programs with majors in Education and Crafts Education.

In the field of education integrating art, craft, design, and technology there are research themes such as: Creativity and pedagogical innovation processes in material spaces, Multi-material craft as the subject in the comprehensive school, Subject didactical research in craft, design and technology education, Explorative learning in material productions, Craft and Design in the context of culture creation, Wellbeing and action competence, Integrated art-based research, Art education research: visual culture and cultural environmental education.

The Finnish team taking part in FUTE project:

Päivi Granö, D.A (Art Education, University of Art and Design), Adjunct professor, works as an university research fellow at the University of Turku, Faculty of Education, Teacher Education, Rauma Campus.  Previously she has worked as a professor in Art Education at the University of Lapland and as an acting professor in Landscape Studies at the University of Turku and as a lecturer in Faculty of Education, Teacher Education. Her research interests are visual analysis, children’s experience of place, learning environments, cultural environmental education and the concepts of landscape and nationalism. She works as a leader of a cultural environmental education EU-project and is responsible for a global educational program.

Satu Grönman M.Ed., is a Lecturer of Craft Education in the Department of Teacher Education in the University of Turku, Rauma Campus, since 2012. She teaches craft education for student teachers and guides teaching practice. She has experience as primary school teacher and craft teacher in basic education. Her research interest focuses on holistic learning in primary education and possibilities of craft education as a tool for integrating and concretizing different substances in learning.

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