PXL University College is a young, dynamic and vibrant organization and a centre of expertise for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

PXL offers professional bachelor programmes in Business, Education, Healthcare, IT, Media & Tourism, Music, Socal Work and Technology, and bachelor and master programmes in Arts.

PXL University College (PXL) is medium-sized with 8000 students and 800 staff members. PXL is located in Hasselt, the capital of the province of Limburg, situated in the north-east region of Flanders, the upper-side of Belgium. PXL has seven centres of expertise for research and development, one of which is the Centre for Educational Innovation, that is involved in the FUTE project.

All research projects in the centre for Educational Innovation focus on creating optimal learning conditions for all learners, going from pre-school children to school students.

The expertise centre is strongly connected to the teacher training department of PXL. The research is practice-oriented and focuses on three main topics: learning in a digital world, language learning, and sports coaching.

A central methodology we apply is design-based research, a method in which researchers and practitioners closely cooperate by means of ‘teacher design teams’. For instance, in one of our projects (TABLIO), we work with teacher design teams in partner schools to develop innovative pedagogies using tablets to achieve differentiation and inclusion in the classroom.

The team taking part in the FUTE project is:

Wouter Hustinx (Master in Educational Sciences) is head of research of the centre for Educational Innovation. Wouter has been a teacher trainer for ten years and coordinates the research projects on educational innovation since 2007. Wouter is also a staff member at PXL, managing the implementation of technology in education, focusing on blended and distance learning.

Marie Evens (PhD in Educational Sciences) is a researcher at the centre for Educational Innovation and a teacher educator in preschool teacher education. Marie has five years of experience as an educational researcher at KU Leuven, focusing on the development of online learning environments for pre-service teachers.

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