Canopé is the network for pedagogical creation and support.

It is a public structure related to the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, which designs, produces and distributes multi-format and transmedia educational resources to meet the needs of the educational community: teachers, school librarians, managerial staff, students, parents, associations and educational and political local authorities….

Canopé provides high-performance teams and services in order to contribute to rethink learning in schools, help further the digital revolution inside our school system, guide teaching personnel through the digital conversion of their activities and ensure success for all of our students and pupils.

The “Atelier Canopé 42” is one of the hundred workshops dedicated to education, that are constitutive of the Canopé Network, and are dispatched all over France. Based in Saint-Etienne, near Lyon, the team yet has an atypical focus: for several years, the Atelier 42 proposes a multitude of resources and activities, which connect the fields of both Education and Design.

The Atelier Canopé tries to provide new services to teachers through experimentations. Two main experimental subjects are explored :

Bringing innovation to schools through the use of Design

Using mediation to bring pedagogical support to teachers

Both experimentations are built on co-creation and design thinking methodologies.

The team taking part in FUTE project are members of Atelier Canopé 42 or teachers :

Arnaud ZOHOU, graduate in Philosophy, is the director of the Atelier Canopé 42. His previous position was to be director of a science center, based in an engineering school. This gave him the opportunity to implement numerous projects involving Mediation, Education and Design. He is also involved as a side member in an another Erasmus + European project lead by Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, named Co-creating Welfare.

Charlotte DELOMIER, is in charge of co-design at the Atelier Canopé 42. Her previous positions were both teacher in Applied Arts and product and service designer. It gave her the opportunity to think about and put into practice pedagogical issues and the opportunity to be involved in innovation processes. She is graduated in design from the parisian design school ENSCI-Les Ateliers. At the Atelier Canopé 42, she is involved in experimental projects, teacher’s courses, pedagogical projects and conception of educational resources.

Apolline ROUX is a design teacher in Saint-Etienne. She has been working since her master’s degree on the creation of tools to teach and practice design. She also develops with her students the question of collaboration tools and co-design.

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