Cardiff Metropolitan University traces its history back to 1865, when the School of Art first opened in the Old Free Library in Cardiff.  Since it developed into a university, it has remained rooted in Wales, while providing practice-focused and professionally oriented education to students from around the globe.

Our vision emboldens this commitment to education, research and innovation undertaken in partnership with our students, governments, business and industry and with tangible benefits for individuals, society and the economy.

The FUTE project is based in The School of Education & Social Policy (CSESP) within Cardiff Metropolitan University. The School provides a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate programme based around three departments.

The Department of Humanities provides a range of programmes in education studies, primary education studies, English, Creative Writing and media.

The Department for Initial Teacher Education (ITE) has been training teachers for over 60 years and is recognised as being amongst the largest centres of teacher education and training in the UK. 

The Department of Professional Development teaches youth and community, TESOL, Health and Social Care, Social Work and Housing Studies

The team taking part in the FUTE project are:

Professor Gary Beauchamp, Professor of Education and Associate Dean for Research for CSESP. He worked for many years as a primary school teacher, before moving into higher education where he has led undergraduate and post graduate courses in education, as well as supervising Doctoral students. His research interests focus on ICT in education, particularly the use of interactive technologies in learning and teaching. He has published widely in academic journals, as well writing books, book chapters and research reports. He has worked on two previous Erasmus+ project, one a project leader: interactive technologies in language teaching (iTILIT), focusing on the IWB from primary school to higher education, and iTILT2, focusing on the use of a wider range of interactive technologies (especially mobile and video) with the same ages.

Isabelle Adams, Research Assistant, FUTE. Following a career in the commercial side of heavy industry, Isabelle is currently working as a part-time research assistant on the FUTE project and on a series of smaller education-based projects.  Alongside this funded research and following completion of a PGCE in Secondary MFL at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Isabelle began her part-time PhD in 2016, focusing on the role of technologies in language teaching. She has also worked on funded projects for Welsh Government, Sport Wales and Erasmus+.

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