How to use this Platform

This platform has been developed in the FUTE project. An Erasmus + project that has developed a method and a set of method cards to introduce design approaches in schools. 

On this platform you can find the FUTE method and the FUTE method cards in five languages; Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish and French.

You can either download all the material and use it in paperform, or you can use the material directly from the platform in an electronic version.

The platform is divided into 4 sections;

1)     The FUTE model and toolkit, where you can find the material about the FUTE model and the set of method cards

2)     Teacher training, where you can find the teacher training module, which is a general introduction on how to apply design approaches in schools, and the FUTE model in particular. Under this section you can also find different case studies and examples on how to construct concrete design challenges in teaching.

3)     Recommendations, cases and inspiration, where you can find a set of top tips, basic rules and good examples on how the FUTE material has been used in pilot projects that were implemented during the project.

4)     About the FUTE project, where you can find the needs analysis that was carried out in the beginning of the project as well as a presentation of partnership.

We hope that you will enjoy working with the website.

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