37. Informing By Characters

This method is a way to uncover brand new 
ideas for teaching, learning and designing 
products. Fictive characters or real persons will 
inspire you and stimulate your imagination and 

38. The Muse

Sometimes having a specific goal or target
 group is not enough when you want to be really 
innovative. This method uses a fictive or a real
 character as a creative stimulus and inspiration for a project. The Muse provides a visual,
 aesthetic, intuitive approach to keeping the 
focus and a common thread running through a 
project, providing a sense of where you want to
 go with the result

39. The Relay

A method of engaging in shared creation by 
combining short bursts of individual work and 
switching that work between team members
 to share and develop ideas. This method can 
be applied in different media such as writing,
 drawing or building, and it allows for new combinations and perspectives. This method also 
creates a good team spirit when developing 

40. Prototyping

Prototyping is used to build a three-dimensional model of an idea to either develop the idea 
further by testing the shape, the idea, details or 
functionality, or to show others what an idea or
 solution would look like and how it would work.
 Prototyping is crucial for idea development. 
You do not need to use expensive materials 
or a lot of time. You can use paper, cardboard,
 LEGO bricks or bits and pieces of waste or
 scrapped materials. Building, moulding and 
gluing also gives those pupils who are not
 talented in writing and abstract thinking the
 opportunity to shine in class.

41. Video Prototyping

Video prototyping is a method for both testing
 and communicating how something will function
 and be experienced by a potential user. It can 
also be used to illustrate or explain the result of
 a project work or cross-disciplinary challenge.

42. Role Play

Role play has always been a way of experi
encing what it would be like to be a horse, a
 prince or a wizard. This method uses role play
 and acting to try to experience something and 
develop ideas and solutions in relation to a challenge or a project.


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